par voodoochild2
Where do you live?: Paris. My wife and son are French. I am an American from California. I understand some French, but only fluent now in English. I am sorry that I am not fluent in French. I continue to learn.

Occupation: biotechnologist (biomedicine)

In Game information
Character's name: voodoo child
Class: merc

Availability: flexible. as needed, as you want.

Experience in MMO: Four (4) years total in SWTOR; its the only game I play. I joined in 1.x, left at end of 3.x, returned in 5.x (in January 2018 to present.

Do you have a mic and the software discord? yes. jak#9957 I joined garde noire discord. thank you for invite.

Why join Garde Noire? Ops. Gods from the Machine Nim Progression, Nim everything else, French guild, excellent reputation, polite players. I want to clear all nim ops content.

Have you already joined some guilds ? If yes, which one? Why left? Reincarnated nim raider active member (older nim ops), Knights of Zakuul nim raider (team/guild leader Zeg on leave from game - inactive).

Your progress pve: all sm and hm, except gftm (doing now). nim nearly all old nim content. Know fights want to complete soon. Experience on tyth nim gods.

Actual item level gear? all class imp-side 258 gear. 16+ imps two of each class, all 258 gear. I nim raid with merc and jugg DPS. Can play merc or operative healer if instructed in nim.

Do you know someone in the guild ? starkillerz and I recently spoke to belle panther, mattys, and Valalla -- all great players.

What do you like in the game : coordinated team play, learning how to improve as a team, and finishing nim bosses!

What do you hate in the game : When I make a mistake and perhaps cause a wipe. :-o I do not want to let my teammates down. I try to resolve my errors quickly by listening to raid chat & making adjustments, so we as a team can go forward.

Reroll (we are doing some raids with the alts), if yes :
- class jugg, operative, sin
- gear level 258 all fully geared.
- masterlevel of your char (1 to 10) 9,8,7, respectively. always something to learn and improve.

Informations to join nim roster:
Datacrons ? all but one missing one on ossus.

If DPS class:
- actual dps on dummy, 2M5 HP,armor debuff. - with starparse link :

11K in IO spec dot spread on a merc in May 2019 with full 258 gear

- opening rotation : IO MERC : (1) pre-cast serrated shot (2) incendiary missile (3) attack adrenal (4) mag shot (5) unload (6) supercharged gas ( 7) electronet (8) thermal (9) mag shot (10) power shot (11) mag shot ... into main rotation.

- caps (% accuracy, % critic etc..) : acc 110.10% 746 w/ stim. crit 43.33% 1831, alacrity 15.60% 1894. all 236 augs on full 258 set gear.

If tank class:
- opening rotation:
- caps (hp, % shield, % absorption, % defense) :

If Heal class:
- starparse link of a fight in master or veteran mode :
- caps (% alacrity,% critic etc..) :

When are you up to discuss on discord? : Whenever you want. Please just message me on jak#9957

Thank you for considering my application. I would be truly pleased to join.
par StarKillerX
Hi mate,

Welcome, good to see you again :)
I have few questions for you, if you could give me some time slots when you can come to talk on Discord?

See ya,
par voodoochild2
Hi StarKillerx,

Nice to speak to you again.

Its noon (12:00) 19/8 Monday, I am available now, if you want.
Also, 22:30 tonight 19/8 Monday, or 19:00 tomorrow night 20/8 Tuesday are other times I can be certain to login Discord to chat.

Are any of those times suitable for you?

I look forward to speaking to you, friend .

Voodoo child.
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