par Tiger
For any recruitment request please refer to this template:

Informations InReaLife - "To know you better":
Where do you live?:

In Game informations
Character's name:
Experience in MMO:
Do you have a mic and the software discord?
Why join Garde Noire?
Have you already joined some guilds ? If yes, which one? Why left?
Your progress pve:
Actual item level gear?
Do you know someone in the guild ?
What do you like in the game :
What do you hate in the game :

Reroll (we are doing some raids with the alts), if yes :
- class
- gear level
- masterlevel of your char (1 to 10)

Informations to join nim roster:
Datacrons ?

If DPS class:
- actual dps on dummy, 2M5 HP,armor debuff. - with starparse link :
- opening rotation :
- caps (% accuracy, % critic etc..) :

If tank class:
- opening rotation:
- caps (hp, % shield, % absorption, % defense) :

If Heal class:
- starparse link of a fight in master or veteran mode :
- caps (% alacrity,% critic etc..) :

When are you up to discuss on discord? :
Et Salut!!