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par Ody
Age: 34

Character's name:


monday, tuesday (from 21:15), friday (once-twice a month), saturday, sunday (once-twice a month)

Experience in MMO:

Do you have a mic and the software discord?

Why join Garde Noire?
I talked to someone of you over chat and discord

Have you already joined some guilds ? If yes, which one? Why left?
yes. i don't remember all names, but they are mostly unknown:
Schaidltrupp, Stroke My Wookie etc and left there mostly bc of inactivity

Your progress pve:
pre 5.9: cleared all nim content and gods hm in all roles
5.10: tyth nim clr (as tank only)

Actual item level gear?
Sniper: 248
for rest i need equip

Do you know someone in the guild ?
i don't think so

What do you like in the game :
lightsabers, story, raids, achievmenthunting

What do you hate in the game :

Reroll (we are doing some raids with the alts), if yes :
- classes:
assasin (tank/dps), sorc (heal/dps) and others, if needed
- gear level
no gear lvl^^
- masterlevel of your char (1 to 10)
sniper 7.78/10
assasin 9.71/10
sorc heal 9.65/10
btw: never trust inordinately precision

Informations to join nim roster:
Datacrons: yes (all, but ossus datacrons on malgus)

If DPS class:
- actual dps on dummy, 2M5 HP,armor debuff. - with starparse link : I will link it on your discord
- opening rotation : yes, makes always sense
- caps (% accuracy, % critic etc..) :
acc: 2E3A+stim on 248, 2E+stim on 258
alac: above 1858 (except sorc/maro/merc burst)
rest crit

If tank class:
- opening rotation: yes, makes sense here as well... i probably do not understand the question^^
- caps (hp, % shield, % absorption, % defense) : depending on tank class ^^ assa low def, high endurance, absorb 50%, rest shield. depending on boss dps relics or 1dps and shield-click relic

If Heal class:
- starparse link of a fight in master or veteran mode : i don't have any^^
- caps (% alacrity,% critic etc..) : same as dps. depending on boss, i play with acc as well.

When are you up to discuss on discord? : I will answer asap when I see. i already talked to bellu-panthero

PS: I want to apply as sniper, bc this is the only geared character on malgus. (and I tank alot with my other raidgroup)
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